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Listen to Wyn Cooper

Wyn Cooper's first BOA poetry collection, Postcards from the Interior, appeared in 2005. The book is a collection of postcard poems 'sent' from varied places, and states of heart and mind. The collection balances prose poems, free verse, and formal verse. The first section, "Postcards from Vermont," is composed of poems from Vermont towns and historical landmarks. The second section includes postcard poems from other settings, real and imagined. Now we're gearing up to publish Wyn's new collection, Chaos is the New Calm, in May 2010. This book is a collection of sonnets and sonnet-like poems, some rhymed, some not....

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Cecilia Woloch on a roll with Carpathia

Cecilia Woloch joined the BOA family in 2003 with her first book, Late. Anyone who has seen Cecilia read or taken one of her many writing workshops, knows what an adventurous poetic spirit she possesses. That spirit permeates every page of her just-released poetry collection, Carpathia. Here are some recent kudos for Carpathia. On the blog Writing the Polish Diaspora, we read, "Cecilia's poems are like those stories. They takes you by the hand and ask you to rest and breathe and listen to the songs in the wind, the voices from the past and the voices from faraway telling...

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BOA Classics

With 33 years of publishing under our belt, BOA has accumulated rich archives of letters, reviews, and miscellaneous literary riches. We thought it would be fun to share some of these classics with you. "BOA Classics" will be a trip back in time and also a chance to remember some treasures of American and international literature. Enjoy!

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BOA Classics - 1977 NBCC Nomination Letter

[caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="249" caption="1977 NBCC Nomination for The Fuhrer Bunker "][/caption] Purchase The Fuhrer Bunker [Here]

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A BOA Author Is Reading Near You

BOA authors are everywhere! Bookstores, colleges, arts centers, museums... wherever there's a venue for a literary performance, a BOA author will turn up there (a few have even been known to read in living rooms... and one in particular is quite fond of pool halls). We do our best to track their movements and post them in the Author Appearances page on our website - consider it our BOA GPS. So take a look and see when and where a BOA author is coming to your town. Then go listen to them, meet them, have them sign your books... we...

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