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BOA Supporters

As a not-for-profit organization, BOA relies on support from government entities, private foundations, local and national businesses, and individuals to assist us in furthering our mission of fostering appreciation of contemporary literature and bringing high-quality literature to the public.

Thank you for giving to BOA Editions. Your belief in BOA as a valuable cultural asset allows us to continue to honor future generations of artists as they add their voices to a poetic chorus that is as old as humankind. We could not do what we do without you!

Government Support
County of Monroe
New York State Council on the Arts, Literature Program
National Endowment for the Arts, Literature Program

Foundation Support
Ames-Amzalak Charitable Trust, in Memory of Henry Ames, Semon Amzalak and Dan Amzalak
Gouvernet Arts Fund
Green Hill Foundation (Gardner Award)
Lannan Foundation
LGBT Fund for Greater Rochester
Literary Presenters Technical Assistance Program / Just Buffalo Literary Center
Mary S. Mulligan Charitable Trust
Rochester Area Community Foundation

2016 Annual Campaign Supporters
Marijana Ababovic
Nin Andrews
Alva H. Angle, in memory of George M. Angle
Anonymous x 4
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLCC

Janice & Ken Bailey
June C. Baker
Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Timothy J. Boland
Dr. James & Ann Burk, in memory of Jack Sheehan
Christopher & DeAnna Cebula
Rome Celli
Gary & Gwen Conners
Peter Conners
William Coppard
Susan DeWitt Davie
Maria & Joseph Finetti, in memory of John Finetti
Jenna & Steve Fisher
Jere Fletcher
Heidi Friederich
Keetje Kuipers & Sarah Fritsch
Suressa Forbes
Reginald Gibbons
Robert & Rae Gilson
Warren & June Glaser
Bruce & Carol Godsave, in honor of Jack & Gail Langerak
Peg Heminway, in honor of Grant Holcomb
Sandi Henschel
Charlotte & Raul Herrera, in honor of Grant Holcomb and Boo Poulin
Grant Holcomb
Chalonda C. James
David Cay Johnston
Richard Kehoe
Christopher Kennedy
X.J. & Dorothy M. Kennedy
Andrea Miller & Dennis Kessler
Laurie Kutchins
Archie & Patty Kutz
Jack & Gail Langerak
Susan Burke & Bill Leonardi, in honor of Boo Poulin
Angela Bonazinga & Catherine Lewis
Jennifer Litwak
Marcia Lowry
Craig Morgan Teicher
Robert Thomas
Peter Makuck
Ron & Melanie Martin-Dent, in honor of our son
Robert & Francie Marx
Edith Matthai, in memory of Peter Hursh
Dan Meyers, in honor of J. Shepard Skiff
Lauren D. Frank & Annette Miller
Michael Waters & Mihaela Moscaliuc
Nannette Nocon
Nocon & Associates, an Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisory Group
Jules L. Smith & Alexandra Northrop
Aimee Parkison, in memory of Jim McGavran, a beloved professor of English for 41 years
Helen Wiley & Marian Payson
Boo Poulin
Boo Poulin, in honor of Sandi Henschel
Brian & Dorene Quigley
Steven O. Russell & Phyllis Rifkin-Russell
John Roche
Deborah Ronnen
Alfred J. Sciarrino, Esq
Susan & David Senise
Sejal Shah & Rajesh Singaravelu, in honor of Melissa Hall
Elaine & Malcolm Spaull
Elissa Burke & Alec Stais
Sue Stewart, in memory of Stephen L. Raymond
Donald Strickland
Bart Sutter
Melissa Hall & Joe Torre
Lee Upton, in memory of Lana Upton Kaltz
Justin L. Vigdor
Bernadette Weaver-Catalana
Bruce and Jean Weigl
Patricia & Michael Wilder


For further information about becoming a Publishing Partner with BOA Editions, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact Kelly Hatton, Director of Development & Operations, at:

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