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Investing in Community: Our NEA Story

      If you open a BOA book, there’s a good chance you’ll find a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) “Art Works” logo on the copyright page. When you do, it means that the book you’re holding was published with the support of an NEA grant.For nearly twenty years, the NEA has supported a portion of the books we publish. These grants provide partial funds for the production, publication, and promotion of new BOA titles. In 2017, a grant of $20,000 from the NEA will allow BOA to undertake the publication of eight new titles (a project that’s...

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PW calls GRAVITY CHANGES 'fantastical, engaging'

A new review from Publishers Weekly is calling Zach Powers's BOA Short Fiction Prize-winning Gravity Changes a collection of "fantastical" stories that "bend the laws of physics and fiction to leave lasting impressions."According to the review, these "engaging" stories "manage to integrate hints of the fantastic, departing from the collection’s established mode without abandoning it entirely. The collection’s longest piece, 'Sleeping Bears,' is also its strongest, turning a clever metaphor for transparency in the age of social media into a funny, affecting examination of modern workplace dynamics."The review concludes, "Powers excels in his earnest care for his characters and a willingness to test out every idea,...

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Rain Taxi calls WHERESO a 'rich, shapeshifting fabric'

A rave new review of Karen Volkman's Whereso is featured in the latest issue of Rain Taxi. According to reviewer Cindra Halm, "Whereso observes, chronicles, and ultimately demonstrates the body in motion through topics of dance and film performances, travel and home, dreams and memories, and passageways, dramatizing issues of location and dislocation, living up to the title’s dangling, archaic gesture of indeterminacy."Following the transcendent, abstractionist poems of Nomina, this collection returns to tangible experiences of the body—its range of expressivity and physical movement in space. Where is the body in travel? What space does it occupy in dreams and memory? With rich perplexity, Whereso responds to dance,...

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Guest Blog: BOA Short Fiction Prize-winner ROBIN MCLEAN

On the day Peter Conners called me about the BOA Short Fiction Prize, my second cousin’s husband’s boat had run aground on the rocks down at the lake. It was a very windy morning in New Hampshire. I was working on a new story up in the trees on the hill in a family cabin where I write a lot. My cousin’s renters had run up to find me. I was the only relative around to help. A boat disaster is bad for some, but it’s big excitement for the renters from the city. They were happy and eager. Not...

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TROUBLE THE WATER a finalist for two prestigious LGBT Literary Awards

We are proud to announce that Derrick Austin’s Trouble the Water (BOA Editions, 2016) has been selected as a finalist for two prestigious LGBT literary awards: The Publishing Triangle's Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry and the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry."Never in my lifetime have LGBTQ stories felt so important as a means of being recognized and counted, as a form of resistance to this dangerous political climate we find ourselves in,” said Lambda Literary Executive Director Tony Valenzuela. “The Lammys are a celebration of great queer literature, and this year they’re also a reminder that our community of writers, publishers, and...

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