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Academy of American Poets reviews THE END OF PINK

The Academy of American Poets recently published a glowing review of Kathryn Nurnberger's The End of Pink in American Poets magazine and on Reviewer Jennifer Michael Hecht notes the book's strong themes, specifically the loss of innocence and the complexities of motherhood, which resonate throughout."Nuernberger’s second book is a visit to the end of innocence and an entry into the war-zone years of getting pregnant, giving birth, and early motherhood. The poet speaks this testimony through her fascination for nineteenth-century medical arcana and the various languages of science. On her own life she sneaks in wild testimony: there is...

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The Journal calls MANDATORY EVACUATION 'enchanting'

Peter Makuck's Mandatory Evacuation was recently reviewed by Sonja James of West Virginia newspaper, The Journal. The review has high praise for both the book and the poet: "Peter Makuck’s Mandatory Evacuation is the finest collection of poetry to date by one of America’s most accomplished writers."The review highlights Makuck’s ability to keenly observe the world around him and then transform these observations into "graphic and exquisite imagery . . . Throughout this enchanting volume, Makuck dazzles us with his close reading of the world. In the title poem, 'Mandatory Evacuation, Late August', he allows us entry into the troubled...

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NewPages calls THE END OF PINK a 'refreshing innovation'

In a NewPages review of The End of Pink, reviewer Ryo Yamaguchi says: "There is an abiding anguish that swells like a tidal water through Kathryn Nuernberger’s new book, The End of Pink. . . . In these pages, we are quickly introduced to Nuernberger’s discursive style, a think-out-loud kind of associational reading that makes for natural though somewhat fast-paced lines." Analyzing closely each section of the book, the review demonstrates how each section evolves into the next.Noting Nuernberger’s use of science and pseudoscience as means to explore personal issues in the first section of the book, the review notes...

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Story366 calls BRIDGE a 'fantastic book'

In a new Story366 review of Bridge by Robert Thomas, reviewer Michael Czyzniejewski offers a brief synopsis of the book and its protagonist Alice, who works in a San Francisco law firm and is attracted to her co-worker, David. While Czyzniejewski says that he doesn’t usually describe whole collections in his story reviews, he does so here because he’s conflicted about the format of the work. Is it a collection of short stories? Is it a novel?"Bridge is a book unlike most I’ve read, as it’s not really a short story collection as it is a novel in short poetic proses...

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PW reviews Harrington's PRIMITIVE

Publishers Weekly recently reviewed Janice N. Harrington’s new book, Primitive: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin. According to the review, "poet and children’s author Harrington pays tribute to African-American painter Horace Pippin (1888–1946), presenting ekphrastic poems about the painter’s work alongside historical insights into his aesthetic choices and his journals."The review offers some background on Pippin’s life, lending insight into why Harrington chose this compelling artist as her subject. Through her poems, Harrington looks at Pippin’s past, especially his time spent as a solider, and how it influenced his art."The artist’s own words lend poignancy to the poems and...

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