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Boston Review calls THE BLACK MARIA a 'poeticized eulogy'

Boston Review included Aracelis Girmay's the black maria in its "Fall Poetry Reading" feature, with a thorough review by Cassandra Balzer. Calling Girmay "a poet of both physical and metaphysical loss," the review notes the collection's mission of "[synthesizing] accounts of the Eritrean diaspora in order to understand place and experience in the 21st century."According to the review, "Girmay fastens herself to the idea of water—its power to both unify and alienate—as a vehicle for exploring loss, ancestry, and identity. The title, taken from a term for lunar 'maria'—the moon’s dark plains once thought to be seas—provides the imagistic thrust of...

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Announcing new BOA staff members

We are thrilled to announce that BOA is adding two new staff members to our team! Please join us in welcoming Kelly Hatton, our new Director of Development & Operations, and Ron Martin-Dent, our new Director of Publicity & Production.After a nationwide search, we whittled down our total candidate pool from more than 40 applicants to 10 for an initial round of interviews. Applications arrived from around the country and we were impressed with the passion that so many candidates showed for furthering BOA’s mission. Ultimately, three finalists per position were selected to continue on to the competitive final interviews,...

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Kenyon Review calls REPTILE HOUSE 'energetic and lyrical'

Calling Robin McLean's BOA Short Fiction Prize-winning collection a "fabulous debut," Nathan Goldman of the Kenyon Review delves deep into the unique qualities of Reptile House: "McLean’s prose unites Carveresque minimalism and Pynchonian—even Biblical—maximalism to create stories that, at their best, press past the human and court the limits of the knowable."Focusing on fascinating characters and stories from the book, Goldman observes, "McLean both complicates an anthropocentric understanding of the cosmos and troubles the conception of nature as reducible to determinant, efficient causes. She thus allows us to grasp the interdependence of living and nonliving entities and, perhaps, to understand...

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Connotation interviews Sean Thomas Dougherty

In a fascinating new interview with John Hoppenthaler of Connotation Press, BOA poet Sean Thomas Dougherty discusses everything from writing habits to early work, from Frank O'Hara to Bob Dylans's Nobel Prize.Here are some of the highlights:About his writing habits, Dougherty says, "I learned a long time ago to write down on scraps of paper lines as they come to me through the dailyness. At the end of the day I might have five or six slips of papers, hastily written I-did-that-or-this-notes, noticings, and a random metaphor, a witnessing of some interaction I saw at the bus-stop or on the...

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LJ puts PRIMITIVE on list of 'Top Fall Poetry'

In one of its recent issues, Library Journal included Janice N. Harrington's Primitive on its list of "Top Fall Poetry: Great Reading Beyond the Basics from Veterans and Newcomers Alike."According to the LJ review: "Early in her finely wrought new collection, a biographical and aesthetic study of African American painter Horace H. Pippin (1888-1946), Poulin and Kate Tufts honoree Harrington muses, “A Negro ‘primitive’ paints a self-portrait. But how? / What new freedom allows him to see, allows the art?” She proceeds to answer that question in forthright, muscular verse that ranges through Pippin’s life, from his World War I...

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