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Exploring the Backlist: Gravity Changes by Zach Powers

Hi readers! Join our spring interns as they look through 45 years of our publication history and share their passion for some of their favorite BOA titles. In this post, Amelia shares about the book Gravity Changes by Zach Powers.    Hello everyone! I’m Amelia, one of BOA’s Spring ‘22 interns. I’ll be graduating from MCC with my associate’s in Creative Writing this spring, and I plan to transfer to a 4-year college for writing in the fall. As someone who hopes to eventually publish her own books, working with the BOA team has been invaluable in learning about what goes on “behind the scenes” in...

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Bringing Threads Together: An Interview with Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes

Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes is the author of Are We Ever Our Own, which was published by BOA Editions on May 24, 2022 and won the BOA Short Fiction Prize. Moving between Cuba and the U.S., the stories in Are We Ever Our Own trace the paths of the women of the far-flung Armando Castell family. Learn more about Fuentes and her work through this exclusive self-interview!   What inspired the stories in this collection? These stories are wide ranging in terms of genre, time period, style, focus, but many of them were inspired by the work of visual and performance artists. I would fall in love with...

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The World Between: An Interview with Dustin Pearson

Dustin Pearson is the author of A Season in Hell with Rimbaud, which was published by BOA Editions on May 10, 2022. In A Season in Hell with Rimbaud, a man traverses the fantastical and grotesque landscape of Hell in pursuit of his brother, pondering their now fractured relationship. Learn more about Dustin and his work through this exclusive self-interview! At the beginning of A Season in Hell with Rimbaud, readers learn that the speaker’s Hell is a state of mind first entered into while tossing a balloon to his older brother. Not long after that, readers learn just how otherwise charged that memory is, but perhaps just...

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Craig Morgan Teicher wins 2022 Paterson Poetry Prize

 Rochester, N.Y. — BOA Editions is pleased to share that Welcome to Sonnetville, New Jersey by Craig Morgan Teicher is the winner of the 2022 Paterson Poetry Prize. The Paterson Poetry Prize is sponsored by The Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College. It is a $1,000 award for a book of poems, 48 pages or more in length, selected by our judges as the strongest collection of poems published in 2021. Teicher will be give a poetry reading and workshop at Poetry Center on April 1, 2023. To learn more about the Prize and see the list of finalists, please visit the Paterson Poetry...

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Noticing Practice: An Interview with Heather Sellers

Heather Sellers is the author of Field Notes from the Flood Zone, which was published by BOA Editions on April 26, 2022. Sprung from her daily observation journals, haunted by ghosts from the past, this collection is an elegy for the two great shaping forces in a life: heartbreaking family struggle and a collective lost treasure, our stunning, singular, desecrated Florida, and all its remnant beauty. Read on to learn more about Heather, her newest poetry collection, and her writing process! What is your process for writing a poem? Work by eye. Write by hand. Write every day. Read a lot. Most...

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