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Shout-Out to BOA's Kindle Books

Best American Poetry guest blogger Craig Morgan Teicher gives a nod to BOA's entry into the Kindle market in his Oct. 25th entry. As he says in the entry, Craig has a book of Fables & Stories forthcoming from BOA (solid disclosure, Craig!), but he's also a keen observer of the poetry & the publishing world thanks to his vantage point as poetry reviews editor at Publishers Weekly and general freelance reviewer and writer. He's excited about BOA's move into Kindle. We are too. The more ways we can get our books into readers' minds & hands, the better! ----...

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CalArts Appoints BOA Poet Matthew Shenoda to New Diversity Position

Poet Matthew Shenoda has been named the first Assistant Provost for Equity and Diversity at California Institute of the Arts. The newly created position is part of an institute-wide initiative to promote intercultural awareness and develop support mechanisms for students from varying ethnic backgrounds. “We are delighted to welcome Matthew as the first to hold this position,” CalArts provost Nancy Uscher said in a press release. “He is a distinguished poet and scholar with extensive teaching experience and a serious commitment to developing and enriching diverse academic and artistic settings. As an artist, he has a natural feel for broadening...

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BOMB review of On the Winding Stair

"No syllable is squandered in the lush descriptions; each word builds upon the previous to fashion an existence both delicate and decrepit. Howard’s sentences read as if she’d spun them in a linguistic centrifuge to rid them of excess. What remains is condensed, colorful, necessary."

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Welcome to the BOA Blog!

So set your bookmarks and prepare to take a brand new look at good ol' BOA Editions!

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