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Listen to Wyn Cooper

Wyn Cooper's first BOA poetry collection, Postcards from the Interior, appeared in 2005. The book is a collection of postcard poems 'sent' from varied places, and states of heart and mind. The collection balances prose poems, free verse, and formal verse. The first section, "Postcards from Vermont," is composed of poems from Vermont towns and historical landmarks. The second section includes postcard poems from other settings, real and imagined. Now we're gearing up to publish Wyn's new collection, Chaos is the New Calm, in May 2010. This book is a collection of sonnets and sonnet-like poems, some rhymed, some not. Starting with the idea of the sonnet as a fourteen line lyric poem, the book plays with the form, putting rhymes in unusual places, inventing new stanza forms, and addressing an unusually broad variety of subject matter. The poems range from travelogue to inner monologue, from surveys of the news, to social commentary, to solitary musing. Above all, the language of the poems is alive with sound and rhythm, with emotions that are best expressed by extremes of diction, syntax and style, without sacrificing sense. Each poem creates a lyric insight into the world. Intrigued? You should be! You'll have to wait until May for the full range of Chaos, but for now you can listen to Wyn read the poem "Daily Threads" which appears in the book. The poem is also printed on the site. Good reading... and listening!
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