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BOA Classics - 1977 NBCC Nomination Letter

[caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="249" caption="1977 NBCC Nomination for The Fuhrer Bunker "][/caption] Purchase The Fuhrer Bunker [Here]

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A BOA Author Is Reading Near You

BOA authors are everywhere! Bookstores, colleges, arts centers, museums... wherever there's a venue for a literary performance, a BOA author will turn up there (a few have even been known to read in living rooms... and one in particular is quite fond of pool halls). We do our best to track their movements and post them in the Author Appearances page on our website - consider it our BOA GPS. So take a look and see when and where a BOA author is coming to your town. Then go listen to them, meet them, have them sign your books... we...

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November Open Submissions for Lannan Translations Series

BOA will accept submissions for the Lannan Translations Series during the month of November, 2009. Please read and follow the below guidelines when submitting. The Lannan Foundation of Santa Fe, New Mexico is funding six new collections of contemporary international poetry published by BOA Editions in 2009-2011. The funds support production costs and author and translator royalties. BOA Editions is grateful to the Lannan Foundation for its support of poetry and the art of translation. Lannan Translations Selection Series Submission Guidelines WE DO NOT ACCEPT ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS AT ANY TIME Submit only one book-length, complete manuscript at a time. If...

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"Ultimately, we each do what we can to survive while waiting for the next poem."

How does a poet survive? These and other issues are addressed in this compelling Connotation Press interview with BOA poet Richard Foerster: [Connotation Press Interview with Richard Foerster] Richard Foerster was born in 1949 in the Bronx, New York, where he was educated by Dominican nuns and Jesuits. He is the author of six poetry collections: Sudden Harbor (1992) and Patterns of Descent (1993), published by Orchises Press; Trillium (1998), Double Going (2002, which was named a 2002 Notable Book by the National Book Critics Circle), and The Burning of Troy (2006, which received the 2007 Maine Literary Award for...

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Jennifer Kronovet’s "Awayward" is Way Inward

A solid review of AWAYWARD by Jennifer Kronovet. This review was written by Jake Marmer and appear on Forward magazine's website: Reading Jennifer Kronovet’s recent collection “Awayward,” you may think she’s translating from another language, transposing foreign syntactical structures, turns of phrase, rhythms, tonalities — a whole unfamiliar psyche — into English. Kronovet’s speculative original is forever inaccessible, and can only be known through her translation. “Known”, though, would be to overestimate its accessibility because, while at all times confident and articulate, her poetry remains exotically alien and outside of the normal conventions of meaning. If anything, it is...

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