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Sky Country in the Spotlight

The poems in Sky Country have resonated with readers of all backgrounds. Drawing on both the real and imagined experiences of her own family, Christine Kitano fills a gap in America's history by giving a voice to immigrant women whose stories have been forgotten by time.

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Enlightening Interview with Richard Foerster

Most people know Richard Foerster as a poet whose BOA books include Trillium (1998), Double Going (2002), and The Burning of Troy (2006). However a look inside most any BOA book on your shelf would reveal Richard Foerster as the typesetter behind BOA's beautiful finished collections. To use a rock-n-roll analogy, Richard is "the fifth Beatle" at BOA - a typesetter and proofreader extraordinaire who makes sure our books are as beautiful looking as the poems are beautiful to read. Richard recently gave an extensive interview with Connotation Press about his life and poetry. His responses revealed his perspective on...

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Wendy Mnookin: Much More Than A 'Jewish Writer'

Writer Josephine Carr of CarrTalks sits down with Wendy Mnookin for an inspirational interview. Radiating humor and wisdom, Ms. Mnookin shares her interests and fears, which inevitably become inspiration for her own writing. When asked if she would describe writing to be her calling or her career, Ms. Mnookin responds: "I feel that writing is my calling and teaching is my career. I write because I have to: that's how I attend to my world, how I understand and organize experience. I love my teaching, more so as I get older and feel I have more to share with my...

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On 'The Hands of Strangers': Interview with Janice N. Harrington

Janice N. Harrington, author of Even the Hollow My Body Made Is Gone and The Hands of Strangers: Poems from the Nursing Home, shares her influences for The Hands of Strangers in a Ploughshares interview with Patricia Caspers. Caspers prefaces the interview with a description of the first spellbinding reading of the book she heard Harrington give: "I was struck by her ability to write about her subject - the lives of the elderly and those who tend to them - with frank graces." Caspers comments on Harrington's unique and masterful delivery and the way she asks for audience participation during...

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'Poetry is how your mind gets you out': Interview with Craig Teicher

An exclusive interview with "author of sad books" Craig Morgan Teicher is featured in this month's issue of The Brooklyn Rail,  with terrific insights into Teicher's perception of "sadness," the art of poetry, and his new collection To Keep Love Blurry. A personal and intimate writer, especially in his new book, Teicher gets personal in the interview about why and how he writes, and specifically why he calls himself the "author of sad books." "I think of humor as an expression of sadness," he says. "Performance is an expression of the need to be acknowledged, and I think of poetry...

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