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These Upraised Hands - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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These Upraised Hands

By: William Patrick

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About This Title

Drawing from diaries, letters, memoirs, and personal encounters, Patrick's poems and poetic narratives tell the intricate, painful and loving stories of people who once lived and those who now live on the North American continent. This book once again reveals Patrick's storytelling ability, a talent that earned him The 1990 Great Lakes New Writers award for his mixed-genre poetry narrative Roxa: Voices of the Culver Family. In a similar fashion, the poems in this collection are both historical and contemporary, moving through various dramatic situations—from a boy losing teeth in a hockey game to a father losing a son in an ocean's coral reef.

7 (excerpt from Stories. Real Ones.)

I remember
  it rained straight
    for a week
      and our crowned road
        that wound up
          from our picturesque trout stream
              that narrow summer
                just before she bailed out
                  A log
                    rammed our bridge
                      that time
                        and split a beam

                            The last morning
                               I thought
                                 mourning doves were waking me
                                   It was her
                                       She had squeezed
                                         three drops of Krazy Glue
                                           on her ass
                                             and then backed
                                               over against me
                                                 as I slept
                                                   Three drops
                                                     she said
                                                       one for each

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