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By: William Patrick

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About This Title

"Roxa is a daring, go-for-broke experiment that works. In this brilliantly orchestrated narrative for voices, Mr. Patrick refines the standard boundaries of poetry and prose fiction until they're transluscent, and he opens up exciting new multi-dimensional possibilities for other artists with the courage and imagination to follow his trail-blazing example." - James Dickey


The willows at the flood plain's edge
have started green.
The river flows dark from run-off.
On my walk to the mill this morning,
I saw the first rush of sunlight
fill up that dark water,
erase its darkness,
and I heard two crows call
from off toward Swearing Hill,
where the wakened aspens
looked like faint, low clouds
against the lines of oaks and maples
still dark with buds.

I stopped there to look,
now that the ground is bare again,
and could trace the way the stone fence lines
move uphill,
angling slowly, heavily,
zigzagging from the creek up past the orchard,
up and then out of sight over the ridge.

Another winter gone.
Another spring come.
Another beginning, and I know too much already.
I know the loud rush of the April river,
which can carry a dropped stone
the weight of a man,
and I know the way the forest speaks,
its agelong winter groans
forgotten when the new leaves sigh and whisper.
I know the tearing moan the tree makes
when it falls away from its roots
and lies downhill, quiet,
and the scream the saw gives off,
solid and high,
as it flies through the log.
I know the line of the foal's leg
moving across the mare's belly,
impatient to be out,
and I know the sound of a hundred tireless beaks
pecking, pecking toward air and light.
I know the sheep's helpless bleat
as I hold her,
and the fat snake curled in the quail's nest,
and the crow dragging half an owlet
through the quickening air.

I know it all begins again and again,
everything gasping,
everything straining for its chance.
I see it all,
and I know the endings,
and the knowing sickens.

© BOA Editions, Ltd 1989

Available editions:
Cloth ISBN: 1-880238-68-x
Price: $20.00
Publishing Date: January 1989
Paperback ISBN: 1-880238-69-8
Price: $12.50
Publishing Date: January 1989