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People Live Here: Selected Poems - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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People Live Here: Selected Poems

By: Louis Simpson

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About This Title

Hardcover and paperback copies available in limited quantities

This is a first edition, first printing. Book Condition: Fine. This copy has been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd., since its publication. Unread. Ideal collector's copy. Actual cover design may vary.

Praise for the collection

"Louis Simpson has perfect pitch. His poems win us first by their drama, their ways of voicing our ways . . . of making do with our lives. Then his intelligence cajoles us to the brink of a cliff of solitude and we step over into the buoyant element of true poetry . . . People Live Here is full of poems that are already secure in the canon of American poetry."  —Seamus Heaney  

"Mr. Simpson is that rare thing, a poet who is as good as they say."                   —Christopher Ricks

"The poetry of Louis Simpson seems to me extraordinarily beautiful and complex . . . it demonstrates an engagement with the vicissitudes and antinomies of American life in the sixties and seventies that is equal to the best we have, and . . . may even possess a greater, quieter power of staying because it is extremely accessible."  —Dave Smith, The American Poetry Review

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