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Gospel Night - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Gospel Night

By: Michael Waters

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About This Title

  In a poetry world filled with structurally-experimental and opaque writing, Michael Waters’s voice is increasingly unique. He writes in a straight-forward, lyrically beautiful style while delving into risqué subject matter, particularly regarding sex. In Gospel Night, his 10th poetry collection, Waters tackles the dual (and dueling) natures of our humanity: sin and transgression; isolation and atrocity; love and darkness; and the desire for a language that can illuminate such ordinary yet disturbing spaces.






 The Bells



                   Sanctuary Basilica









Pale novitiates flocked the bell tower



To shadow my wife one rooftop below.



Oiled, asleep, she remained unaware



Of cassock-clad boys pivoting the ledge



Until the priest appeared to knell their shame



The precise moment—punctual sinner—



I bumped open the rooftop door, bearing



In each fist a flute, orange fizz daubing



The blistered tar, the riotous mimosas



Two more slender flames expanding the near



Suburbs of hell where she sprawled, naked, stunned



Speechless on gaudy towels, below breathless



Boys, riding the pitch, not so far from God.