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Ron Slate calls FANNY SAYS 'cross-genre with a purpose'

Poet and critic Ron Slate has written an in-depth review of Nickole Brown's 2015 collection Fanny Says. Focusing on Brown's language, form, and personal stake in her writing, Slate calls the collection "cross-genre with a purpose."  "Although the poems illuminate Fanny’s life and behavior, Fanny Says is an acknowledgement and appreciation of an inheritance, the poet’s striving 'to keep alive a fierce and singular part of myself that lives only through her,' as Brown remarked in an interview . . . Fanny Says is animated by the elemental principles of presence--the unique habits of an individual and the flaring of its influence through language."...

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NBC News highlights Gonzalez's BEAUTIFUL WALL

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, NBC News has included Ray Gonzalez's new book, Beautiful Wall, on its list of "10 New Books by Established Latino Authors." According to reviewer Rigoberto González, Beautiful Wall allows "the reader to experience this expansive American terrain through [its] image-driven verse." "The U.S.-Mexico border," the review continues, "is where histories and stories converge, not always pleasant but not always tragic, and certainly worth considering. Magic awaits the keen observer, the careful listener." Along with other authors on the list, including Sandra Cisneros, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Luis Alberto Urrea, and U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe...

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Library Journal says BEAUTIFUL WALL is 'lush with empathy'

Library Journal is again praising Ray Gonzalez's new poetry collection Beautiful Wall. In June, LJ named Gonzalez a "Key Poet to Discover and Rediscover," saying that "this latest collection, set in the sun-scorched desert region, perches on the wall between Gonzalez’s Mexican heritage and American upbringing and investigates all that entails." In a new LJ review, Doris Lynch calls the poems in Beautiful Wall "rich with cultural identity and blessed with a sense of place." The review mentions the sense of "journey" felt throughout the collection, while also noting how "nature becomes a breathing presence." Lynch adds that "several poems...

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Booklist praises 'unique vision and voice' of BEAUTIFUL WALL

A new review from Booklist's Diego Báez praises BOA author Ray Gonzalez and "his invaluable role in American literature." The review focuses on Gonzalez's new book, Beautiful Wall, his seventh collection of poetry from BOA Editions. "Gonzalez, a celebrated and prolific poet, delivers another rich volume of exquisite verse, focusing on the beauty and ambiguity of walls, both literal and  metaphorical." Báez notes that Gonzalez's speaker "considers the epidemic of violence that plagues the U.S.-Mexico border," but also "balances this severity with a roster of creative beacons, referring often to artists and authors from around the globe." The result of...

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Poker News reviews EDUCATION, interviews James McManus

Photo courtesy of Poker News just today released a new review of James McManus' The Education of a Poker Player, along with an accompanying interview with the author. Giving the book high praise, reviewer Chad Holloway says, "There's good reason why Jim McManus is often referred to as the 'Shakespeare of Poker.' "Any serious poker fan has read Positively Fifth Street, widely considered one of the best poker narratives ever written, while Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker is the most comprehensive text on poker's expansive history. Now, McManus has added another poker book, The Education of a Poker...

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