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Guest Blog: Poet Kendra DeColo on The Making of an Audiobook

We're excited to release BOA's first audiobook this spring! Poet Kendra DeColo had the opportunity to reflect on her experience recording the audiobook for her new collection I Am Not Trying to Hide My Hungers from the World—new from BOA in print, as an ebook, and as our first ever audiobook in April 2021! The Making of an Audiobook Before audiobooks were popular, my grandmother would sit at her desk and read The New York Times into a recording device each week for the visually impaired. It was something she did post-retirement from her career in politics (where she helped craft legislation preceding...

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Exploring the Backlist: Devin Becker's Shame | Shame

Hello readers! Join our team of interns as they explore over 40 years of our publication history and share their passion for some of their favorite titles from BOA Editions. In today's post, Maddi P. takes a psychoanalytical lens to the poetry of Devin Becker. Anxiety and Humor in David Becker's Shame | Shame. Hi! My name is Madisyn, and I’m a Biopsychology major with a Food Systems & Nutrition minor at Tufts University (which I know may seem odd for an intern at a publishing company). As I begin my junior year this fall, my plan is to also add English...

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Exploring the Backlist: Lola Haskins's DESIRE LINES

Hello readers! Welcome back to Exploring the Backlist, where we join our team of interns as they explore over 40+ years of our publication history and share their passion for some of their favorite titles from BOA Editions. Today's post from Ashley F. finds "the complexities hidden in plain sight" in Desire Lines by Lola Haskins. My name is Ashley, and I am an English Literature major from The College at Brockport. For the past few months I have been interning with BOA Editions. I was asked if I would contribute a review of one of our previously published works. While I was...

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Now Playing: a Spotify Soundtrack for Rail

Hello readers! Today is the official publication of Rail by Kai Carlson-Wee, and Kai sent us a special playlist of songs that inspired his work.  Listen to the playlist on Spotify and read Kai's liner notes below. Enjoy! A note from Kai Carlson-Wee: Most of the poems in RAIL were started while I was traveling. They typically began as scraps of sound, lyrics I jotted down, images, impressions, which I then cobbled together later on. Obviously the poems I was reading would fuel the sound, but just as often the music I was listening to would influence the writing. The way I listen to music is sort...

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Backbone Press announces 2018 Lucille Clifton Prize

BOA Editions is excited to partner with Backbone Press for this year's Lucille Clifton Prize! The Lucille Clifton annual poetry contest, held each spring, honors the prolific work of Lucille Clifton. Widely celebrated for her unpretentious and unapologetic poems, Clifton’s unique free verse was free of punctuation, taut, and always recognizably her.  Backbone Press will be accepting submissions of up to (3) unpublished poems via a submission form on their website. Submitted poems cannot be under consideration by any other publisher. Submission will be accepted April 15th-June 15th. Judge Camille Dungy will select one winner of this year's prize. The winner will receive...

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