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A Review Round-up for Fall 2021

In case you've missed them, BOA is delighted to share these reviews of our Fall 2021, plus a few previews from Spring 2022 authors. Read on, and don't forget to stop by the BOA bookstore to get these titles for 25% off, now through Dec. 13!

Ceive by BK Fischer (2021)

“Review: Ceive,” Harriet Books, Poetry Foundation

From the review: “Fischer’s postapocalyptic universe offers a terrifying glimpse into a future in which the world and the words we use to describe it are all in ruins.”

Among Elms, In Ambush by Bruce Weigl 

“Nance Van Winckel reads “The Man In the Chair” by Bruce Weigl,” Spokane Public Radio, “Poetry Moment”

A Cluster of Noisy Planets by Charles Rafferty 

“A Cluster of Noisy Planets,” Escape into Life

From the review: “The sentences hold together beautifully, sometimes surreally, as short paragraph-like gatherings of images and observations, odd facts, snippets of wisdom, and almost-stories.”

Diamonds by Camille Guthrie 

“Featured Poet: Camille Guthrie,” Sonia’s Poem of the Week

From the podcast: "Today I'm thrilled to feature poet Camille Guthrie and her poem, 'During the Middle Ages.' This poem follows an extended conceit—the comparison of being middle aged with the Middle Ages—to delightful extremes. It begins with the classic vocative exclamation, O: 'O God I am so fat.' And rides on merrily from disaster to disaster from there."

Tenderness by Derrick Austin

“Why We Chose Derrick Austin’s Tenderness for the Rumpus Poetry Book Club,” The Rumpus

From the article: “Derrick Austin’s second collection, Tenderness, is complicated, just like all good books of poetry are.”


Looking forward, get a sneak peek into BOA’s approaching spring publications below, and don't forget to preorder your copies today! 

Two Brown Dots by Danni Quintos 

“Where Y’all Really From: ‘Disentangle yourself from your historic selfby Laura Ellis, 89.3 WFPL 

From the synopsis: "On this week’s show, Danni and Dan dive into what it’s like to interrogate your own personal and intimate relationships through the lens of what poet Claudine Rankine calls your “historical self.” Oh, and they also talk about poetry and knitting… eventually. Danni’s book, “Two Brown Dots,” comes out in 2022, and she reads a poem from it on this episode. "

Useful Junk by Erika Meitner

“To Gather Together,” The New Yorker

From the author's bio: “Erika Meitner teaches at Virginia Tech. Her sixth book of poems, “Useful Junk,” is forthcoming in 2022.” 


Compiled by Em DeVincentis, BOA Intern, Summer/Fall 2021

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