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The Chattahoochee Review on Sadoff's "True Faith"

True FaithIra Sadoff

Ira Sadoff is already receiving sparkling reviews for his recent True Faith, just released this past spring! In "That's Where My God Is: A Review of True Faith," Anne Webster of The Chattahoochee Review has called Sadoff's collection "an unflinching exploration of himself and his life," specifically referring to his relationship with faith, mortality, disillusionment, and "the search for meaning."

Webster goes on to describe the work's three sections, which move from Sadoff's childhood past and the factors that influenced his addressing of religion, to exploration of major events in his spiritual life, to "present-day influences and his resulting skepticism" of his past teachings. Sadoff's recollections of his parents, moments of adolescent hubris, and earnest frustration with the complexities of divinity make True Faith a captivating spiral from heaven to earth and back again. The collection springs from an author's struggle to defy conventionality in search of a faith that is real, that is true. We hope you'll enjoy this creative, unique, and new book as much as we do! Grab yours today from the BOA Bookstore, and keep an eye out for more titles from BOA this fall!
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