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BOA Translations in the Spotlight

Two international BOA authors have recently received recognition on the world stage!
Francisca Aguirre - author of Ithaca which was translated by Ana Valverde Osan and published by BOA in 2004 - was just awarded the prestigious Spanish poetry award, Premio Nacional de Poesia. This is the most recent award for Ms. Aguirre who earned the Leopoldo Panero Poetry award when Ithaca was originally published in Spain in 1971. Ithaca is a 50-page poem that reworks the Greek myth of Odysseus, but with one important alteration: The story is told from Penelope's perspective. Ithaca was - and remains - a landmark publication and BOA is proud to be its U.S. publisher. We congratulate Francisca Aguirre on her most recent recognition.
[caption id="attachment_1561" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Ithaca by Francisca Aguirre"]Ithaca by Francisca Aguirre[/caption]
Macedonian poet Nikola Madzirov just received a rare - and rave - review in the German magazine Der Spiegel for his poetry. BOA published Mr. Madzirov's U.S. debut Remnants of Another Age - which was translated by Peggy and Graham W. Reid, Magdalena Horvat, and Adam Reed - just this year. The book carries an Introduction by Carolyn Forche and was endorsed by Adam Zagajewski, Tomaz Salamun, and BOA's own Li-Young Lee who wrote, "Nikola Madzirov's poems move mysteriously by means of a profound inner concentration, giving expression to the deepest laws of the mind. Their linguistic 'making' is informed by a vivid evidence of serious self-making, soul-making, and heart-making. We are lucky to have these English incarnations of Nikola Madzirov." [caption id="attachment_1562" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Remnants of Another Age by Nikola Madzirov"]Remnants of Another Age by Nikola Madzirov[/caption] The review in Der Spiegel reads, in part, "The awarding of the Nobel Prize to Tomas Transtromer has recently put the literary spotlight on poetry; this type of silent communication mysteriously asserts itself next to the prose Blockbusters. Now the first book of a poet from Macedonia has been translated into German, which is similar in quality to the poems of the aged Swede. The poems of Nikola Madzirov, 38, are genuine and frank; they put up no barriers whatsoever, except for empathy and concentration." Here at BOA, we continue to take pride in all our international authors and their peerless translators. We also give thanks to the Lannan Foundation of Santa Fe, New Mexico - the namesake of our Lannan Translations Selection Series and the angels who provide funding for the continuation of the series. We hope you will take the time to discover the world through our international poetry series!
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