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Waldrep Candidly Interviewed by Black Warrior Review

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The Black Warrior Review recently interviewed author G. C. Waldrep who responded openly and insightfully to prompts about his life and work.  In the interview, Waldrep discussed the effort and energy that went into his forthcoming collaboration with John Gallaher (Your Father on the Train of Ghosts) and also the difficulty of tandemly revising these poems. Waldrep also addresses his spirituality and his time spent living in the Amish community in an in-depth and reflective way.  As he says, "since [he] had devoted so much of [his] life at that point spiritually and temporally to community--not having a community, it was like a divorce." Finally, Waldrep's connection to music and the musicality of his poems are also discussed, which helped to illuminate his process behind and views of his own work, particularly that of his "music book" and "special child," Archicembalo. To read this complete and insightful interview with G. C. Waldrep, click here.
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