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BOA on the Publishers Weekly blog PWxyz

hero4_20100225Publishers Weekly, a major trade magazine for the publishing world, also maintains a blog called PWxyz. They describe the blog as, "a place to find late-breaking news on the book business, as well as other stuff that falls between the cracks of our other print and online coverage." The editor of PWxyz is BOA's own Craig Morgan Teicher whose new book, Cradle Book: Stories & Fables, was published in spring 2010. Did this connection help BOA get recognition for our e-book publishing program in PWxyz? No doubt. But Craig is also a big advocate for e-book publishing and has been nudging us down this digital road since we first started working with him a couple of years ago. His faith in e-book publishing has certainly encouraged us to push forward with the program and we appreciate his recognition of the steps we have taken. As of today, BOA's entire spring 2010 catalog is available on ibooks! Here's what Craig/PWxyz writes about the program: Over the last couple of weeks BOA Editions–publishers of both fiction and poetry–have started appearing in the iBookstore. BOA is using services provided by its distributor, Consortium (via Perseus), to set up and publish on a couple of digital platforms–iBooks and Kindle for now. Poetry publishers are just getting into e-books–Penguin does a few poetry e-books, as does Norton, Yale, and a few others, but many of the indies are just getting started. It seems to me that this is going to be a great avenue for poetry, which makes very little to no money, often functions on a nonprofit basis, and has a large portion of its readership–students–without much money. BOA editor Peter Conners expresses concern to me about not being able to control exactly how the book appears on screen–whether line breaks in poems be preserved properly is one burning question–but says it’s worth the risk so the press can keep up with the changes in publishing. So, poetry publishers, it’s time to follow BOA’s lead if you haven’t started with e-books already! Now, a disclosure–BOA Editions is my publisher, which is why I have the skinny on this news. My book, a collection of stories called Cradle Book, was among the first BOA titles to be published in the Kindle store last Spring, and now it’s up in iBooks too. Read and respond to the post on the Publishers Weekly website here: [Poetry Publishers and E-books]
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