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Where We Live

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Where We Live

By: Peter Makuck

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About This Title

"On the basis of memory Peter Makuck has built us his world.  The poetry is in the building, the use of language, intimate, exact, colorful. Each poem has its on reality, its own unexpected and moving truth." --Louis Simpson


Next door, he climbs under
A jacked-up Chevy with a droplight.

His girl rags off
The silver tools before passing them under.

Tire-scream and glasspack-rumble.
The concerto in my room goes weak.

But when they quit
It's a black quiet.

I lie down and my mind gets up
In its sleep.

At my kitchen table
He leans over a blank page --

Cut hands and cracked nails
Rimmed with slim moons of dirt.

He is mocking
Up a list of my loves:

The click of well-seated valves,
A good rock beat for the drags,
A girl beside me,
The beautiful poor white girl
Who will litter me kids,
Adjust the light, shadows for make-up.

© BOA Editions, Ltd 1982

Available editions:
Cloth ISBN: 0-918526-40-x
Price: $14.00
Publishing Date: January 1982
Paperback ISBN: 0-918526-41-8
Price: $7.00
Publishing Date: January 1982