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The Sunken Lightship - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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The Sunken Lightship

By: Peter Makuck

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"Peter Makuck's poems derive, as most poems do, from the sharings and losings of human relations--but with a brightening: these deep dispositions work out their ways in real places of land features, climates, life forms, physical actions. Particular grist informs Makuck's vision and confirms his imagination's grasp." - A.R. Ammons

Sound Buoy

     It presides
Over our passing
     In and out
Of the Bogue Narrows.
     We rise
From sea gullies
And watch it sway
To a mindless
Humping of waves.

In soft seas
     Its moans
Are more our own.
If I name it
Red Nun of the Narrows,
The pleasure won't last,
For it turns unruly at a whim
And will outlast our coming
     And going.

Once, alone,
In wild weather,
     I felt
The wallow and topple,
The fit of its color
In close thrashes,
     My tongue
Salted and stunned
Into a silence
That burned.

© BOA Editions, Ltd 1990

Available editions:
Cloth ISBN: 0-918526-74-4
Price: $18.00
Publishing Date: January 1990