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The Hiddenness of the World: Poems - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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The Hiddenness of the World: Poems

By: Bertrand Mathieu Gérard Martin

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About This Title

"The title of Martin's book-La Dérobée du Monde-offers a clue, albeit an ambivalent one. I found his use of the word 'dérobée' virtually untranslatable, as difficult to render as some of the most abstruse words in Rimbaud's works which I'd translated years earlier. The word 'dérobée' is one of those French words fraught with shadings of meaning. Its first is cognate with our English infinitive "to rob." A "derobee" could thus be a theft-the robbing, or robbery, of the world. But when a thief steals something, that thing disappears from the sight of its rightful owner. It becomes invisible, as it were. Hidden. Consequently, 'dérobée' came to mean "hiddenness." ... A further consideration: if someone or something has succeeded in "robbing" us of our world-where has that world been "hidden"? Or did the world simply "steal away" from us on its own because we failed to pay sufficient attention to its presence? In any case, to an esoteric-minded poet like Gerard Martin it would undoubtedly take its full meaning (or meanings) away with it. Yet, here we remain, among the hieroglyphic hints and clues, waiting patiently for someone to decipher them. " -Bertrand Mathieu from the introduction

The Evening's Reading

Her black coat athwart the blondeness of the walls. Her black eyes seeking out the warmth of a life. Her hair that binds her to the world's hands and the question soon asked like a recollection in which one no longer believes. An answer, a smile, a glimmering in the eyes, barely a hesitation and the heart that makes the great leap and the lights of nighttime completely oblivious. Later, after an improvised session of hide-and-go-seek, the high voice resounds under the beam for the amusement of the mind. In the shadows, a silhouette frets over the tenebrous unknown.

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