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A Season in Hell & Illuminations - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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A Season in Hell & Illuminations

By: Arthur Rimbaud Bertrand Mathieu

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About This Title

Translated by Bertrand Mathieu


Machines of silver and copper—
Prows of steel and silver— 
Threshing the foam,— 
Turning over stumps of bramble.
The currents of the dunes, 
The immense ruts of the ebb tide 
Flowing circularly toward the East 
Toward the pylons of the forest,— 
Toward the timbers of the pier 
Against whose boards whirlpools of daylight blow!

Praise for A Season in Hell & Illuminations

With skill and imagination, Bertrand Mathieu gives us an intimacy of the spoken American that allows readers to absorb themselves in Rimbauds private drama. As in an obsessive dream of our own, Rimbaud becomes a contemporary of youthful grief, rage, sarcasm and disgust . . . Bertrand Mathieu has earned our gratitude and praise for his accomplishment: to have given us Rimbauds relevance today. —David Ignatow 

Publication Date: December 1, 1991
ISBN: 0-918526-89-2
© BOA Editions, Ltd. 1991