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John Logan: The Collected Poems - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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John Logan: The Collected Poems

By: John Logan

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About This Title

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The late John Logan "was considered one of the superb lyrical poets of his generation," his publisher, A. Poulin, Jr., told the Los Angeles Times. "He referred to poetry as a ballet for the ear." This posthumous collection presents Logan's poems in their most complete and comprehensive form: "kept as much as possible to the last printed version of the poems" previously printed, with additional poems edited and presented by Logan's colleagues after his death.

A note on the cloth edition: This is a first printing of the first edition of John Logan's collected poems. Copies have been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd. since publication and are in very good condition. Unread. Ideal collector's copy.

Praise for the collection

"What I love about John Logan's poems is what we loved in him as a man: their warmth and directness, their affection for the world and its lives and the way they happen. The poems seem transparent, a current in which orescenceand change, joy and loss, our involvement with them, are all but palpable." —W. S. Merwin

"John Logan was one of the finest poets of his generation. He had a faultless ear, an incandescent mind, and a thorough mastery of our difficult craft." —Carolyn Kizer


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