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Selected Translations  W. D. Snodgrass - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Selected Translations W. D. Snodgrass

By: W.D. Snodgrass

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About This Title

This collection includes little-known Eastern European poets as well as celebrated poets, troubadours, and composers. In his Selected Translations, W.D. Snodgrass offers us the imaginitive power and the playful wisdom of poems, folk songs, fables, street songs, drinking lyrics, ballads and art songs gleaned from more than five-hundred years of Western tradition.


by Rainer Maria Rilke

When I lose you, someday,
how will you sleep without me
whispering myself away
above you like the linden tree?

Without me waking to lay down
words, as close as eyelids,
upon your breasts, upon
your limbs, upon your lips?

Without my closing you to leave
you alone with what is yours,
like a garden with its sheaves
of melissas and of anise-stars?  

© BOA Editions, Ltd 1998

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Paperback ISBN: 1-880238-60-8
Price: $13.50
Publishing Date: January 1998