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Postcards from the Interior

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Postcards from the Interior

By: Wyn Cooper

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About This Title

Postcards from the Interior, as the title implies, is a collection of postcard poems 'sent' from varied places, and states of heart and mind. This collection, Cooper's third, balances prose poems, free verse, and formal verse. The first section, "Postcards from Vermont," is composed of poems from Vermont towns and historical landmarks. The second section includes postcard poems from other settings, real and imagined. "Wyn Cooper's superb postcard poems, deft and exemplary, say just enough, and never too much. Their clarities and their mysteries travel hand in hand, their feet raise the clean sound of gravel from the world's outer and inner roads." --Jane Hirshfield

Postcard from the Party

You have to be invited, and there's nothing
you can do to be asked. Headlines and bloodlines
don't help. It's a long way from home but I'm
here, the view much better than I'm used to.
How did this happen? Dumb but good luck,
right place and time, the planets aligned.
No contract, no deadline, no risk. And what
did I do to deserve this? Slept with all
the wrong people, gambled too much on friends
of friends with light bulbs over their heads.
Wrote every day no matter what.  

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Publishing Date: June 2005