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By: Cecilia Woloch

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About This Title

Late is driven by the alternating energies of prose poems and free verse. Woloch understands a person's true relationships with family, friends and lovers arrive late--if at all. The exquisite pathos in these poems disclose Woloch's abiding empathy for family, children, ex-lovers and strangers. "Woloch is a generous lyricist. She is wonderfully at ease in the villanelle and the pantoum, as well as in prose poems that break into lines as we read them. To write movingly about love in an era infused with hate requires a special gift: nostalgia hard-edged with realism. She has that gift." -- Maxine Kumin "Cecilia Woloch's voice is both intense and precise. In so many of these poems, the forces of memory and longing are expertly brought under the sweet governance of craft and form." -- Billy Collins

Lasswade, Midlothian: Dusk

Crow, I cried, I need to talk to you.
The whole sky lurched.
Black wings. Most bitter trees
I've ever seen. Wild daffodils.
Here is a world
that is just as the world was world
before we named it world.
Here is a sky that screams back at me
as I rush toward it, darkening.

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Paperback ISBN: 1-929918-42-9
Price: $15.00
Publishing Date: October 2003