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Curious Conduct

By: Jeanne Marie Beaumont

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About This Title

Curious are the workings of history and governments, the relations between the sexes, the behavior of animals, the life of objects, the labors of art, and the transformations of the imagination. In exploring these subjects, Jeanne Marie Beaumont's poems pursue and develop their own mode of investigation, a way into their subjects whether it be by interrogation, time travel, anthropomorphism or other conducive strategies.  Employing a range of poetic forms and devices including anaphora, acrostic, dramatic monologue, and the prose poem, Jeanne Marie Beaumont's Curious Conduct depicts a restless aesthetic alert to the various opportunities that the poetic tradition present to explore experience.

History's Memory

Devil pulled the string end.
Oars break the clouded waters.
Objects retrieved by shape and scent.
March step of the unknown soldiers.
Elevation for gathering a "big picture."
Ditches to bury your troubles in.
Tangled webs of the oft-deceivers.
Orifice hiding the weepers' den.
Rags for recycling into uniforms.
Elephant foot-trails toward extinction.
Pearls of unrequited wisdom.
Empires—see under: follies, broad thumbs.
Attacks on itself from grizzled pundits.
Tempests dizzying the inverted kingdoms.

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Publishing Date: June 15, 2004