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A. Poulin, Jr. Selected Poems - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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A. Poulin, Jr. Selected Poems

By: A. Poulin Jr.

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About This Title

Edited by Michael Waters

A. Poulin, Jr. Selected Poems includes sample offerings from Poulin's eight previous books, as well as a number of uncollected and limited-edition poems. Known for imaginative conceits and deft intelligence, Poulin's poems balance philosophical inquiry with emotional intensity and call us to a spiritual awakening beyond that of traditional religions. Edited and introduced by Michael Waters, the release of Selected Poems coincides with the 25th anniversary of BOA Editions, founded by Poulin in 1976.

The Angels of Film

Eyes. Eyes. They are the eyes
that feed on children in the sun,
on brides, birds, grandmothers, stars.
They're always there, loaded revolvers
blinking too loudly at parties, shooting
at smiling faces with more vengeance
than crime or conscience. They capture
our gestures, helpless in their sight,
just to prove the past or present real.
We were children, once; beneath this
face there is another we have never
wanted. Out bodies just keep going,
developing reproductions of ourselves.
Our souls are prisoners of eyes forever.

Praise for the collection

“It is a fascinating experience to read this book of poems of the life of A. Poulin, Jr. because it is written with honesty, passion, and clarity. You enter the man's life as you read the book. I was deeply moved and felt the presence of the author on every page. This is autobiographical poetry at its best.” —Alan Dugan

“These poems, artifacts from Al Poulin's life work, sing with celebration and mourning over our daily realities, which he perceived as shimmering between the physical and the metaphysical. We miss the poet. But these poems never miss.” —Robin Morgan


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