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By: Sam Hamill

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About This Title

In the poem, "Ars Poetica," Sam Hamill writes, "...the poem cannot, finally, be explained nor/defined. The true gift/poetry bestows begins/and ends with humility/before the task." The poems in Gratitude are ones of humility as well as thankfulness. Raised in the west and influenced by the great Chinese and Japanese masters, Hamill's poems draw from both traditions returning us "to that world beyond/words, which are only/ a reflection of desire."

The Art of Literary Exegesis

They argued, the three of them,
for three long hours-- were arguing
when I, eventually, went home--
over the "meaning" of the poem.

It was almost morning.
There were dozens of morning birds,
gray doves, and when they sang,
their meaning and their love

were not in words.

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Paperback ISBN: 1-880238-65-9
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Publishing Date: January 1998