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Poetry Society of America features Aracelis Girmay at two upcoming events!

BOA author Aracelis Girmay We here at BOA could not be more excited to announce that Aracelis Girmay will be featured in two upcoming events hosted by the Poetry Society of America in the next few months. Girmay is the author of two collections of poetry; Teeth (2007) and most recently, Kingdom Animalia, which received the 2011 Isabella Gardner Award. On November 8, in Cambridge, MA, Girmay will be joined by fellow poets Rosa Alcala and Eduardo C. Corral for the premier of the LATINO/A POETRY NOW reading series. The series is set to begin in Cambridge, MA and proceed...

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Don't Forget: Michael Waters Workshop at Midtown Athletic Club on Saturday, Dine & Rhyme This Sunday!

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University of Southern Indiana Reviews Gospel Night

[caption id="attachment_1446" align="alignleft" width="133" caption="Michael Waters' Gospel Night "][/caption] Matthew Guenette of the Southern Indiana Review's "First Takes with Matthew Guenette" asks himself "What is in the work of a title?" After reading Waters' tenth collection of poems, Guenette finds the poet's ability to provoke tension from diction something worth turning over and over again while considering both words of the title. The "work of this title," as Guenette writes, conclusively demonstrates the mastery of word choice and form to be found in each poem of the collection. Guenette sees the four sections of Gospel Night as individual guides for...

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"Busy (re)Creating a Culture:" Praise for Barbara Jane Reyes and Diwata

Blogger Jessica Varin over at Rattle, much like BOA Poet Barbara Jane Reyes, traces her heritage from several cultures. On what kind of person she would be or how it would feel if she were able to fully share all of those cultures, Varin writes "I don't know the answers to these questions. I could spend a lifetime speculating: instead, I have chosen to create a new culture for people like me. There is no instruction manual, so I look to the creative work of those who stand at the intersect of two cultures." Barbara Jane Reyes' Diwata is her...

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Upcoming Events during National Poetry Month!

A number of exciting events are happening during National Poetry Month! Below are the dates for upcoming events featuring BOA's poets. April is simply packed with opportunities to hear these wonderful poets read.  You can find more information here: The calendar is always evolving so please keep checking as new events are added, and be on the lookout for our poets near you! Hope to see you at one of these events! Mon Mar 28 Nikola Madzirov reads at the launch of The Wolf Poetry Magazine with Anne Waldman, Saskia Hamilton, & Danielle Blau - jimmy's no. 43, East...

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