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University of Southern Indiana Reviews Gospel Night

[caption id="attachment_1446" align="alignleft" width="133" caption="Michael Waters' Gospel Night "]Michael Waters' Gospel Night [/caption] Matthew Guenette of the Southern Indiana Review's "First Takes with Matthew Guenette" asks himself "What is in the work of a title?" After reading Waters' tenth collection of poems, Guenette finds the poet's ability to provoke tension from diction something worth turning over and over again while considering both words of the title. The "work of this title," as Guenette writes, conclusively demonstrates the mastery of word choice and form to be found in each poem of the collection. Guenette sees the four sections of Gospel Night as individual guides for understanding Waters' overall explanations of worldly and warring violence, his tonal move into the mind of the young artist in the poems of part III, and the wise and up to date persona he uses uses in Section IV. Guenette reads Gospel Night as a book of self-reflexive pieces where the poet is fascinated by form, making poems that exist for themselves. And finally thinking over the reason for making such independently existing poems, Guenette sees the idea of order in the collection as one that comes from a poet on his tenth book with still many more miles to go. Gospel Night can be found here in the BOA store. University of Southern Indiana-- First Takes with Matthew Guenette
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