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ANTIDOTE FOR NIGHT called 'beautiful and dark'

AntidoteforNight_Bookstore The Santa Barbara Independent recently published a compelling interview with David Starkey and Antidote for Night author Marsha de la O, exploring the new collection's noir tendencies, de la O's hypnotizing reading style, and her process of going from elementary school teacher to full-time poetry writer. "Antidote for Night is so rich with imagery and characters and incident. It’s a beautiful book, but it’s also very dark," says Starkey. De la O contrasts topics on themes of darkness and her seer-like reading voice with light, congenial, and insightful humor--even imagining her book being read by Philip Marlowe in a Raymond Chandler novel. When asked about her tendency toward the darker side of life, de la O keenly remarks, "Regarding dark material, I believe that any poet writes what he or she has been given. This is my material because this is what I was given. It’s important to regard the totality of your life as a gift, and important for me personally as a writer to feel that any experience can be rendered." Click here to read the complete interview, and be sure to grab your copy of Antidote for Night at the BOA Bookstore.
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