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Jewelry Box reviewed in Publishers Weekly

jewelrybox_bookstore "...somewhere between flash fiction and prose poems and memoirs..." Publishers Weekly can't quite ascribe a genre to Aurelie Sheehan's newest book, Jewelry Box: A Collection of Histories (BOA, October 2013), in this week's fiction reviews. Luckily that isn't essential to enjoying this "Collection of Histories," read as "small moments and objects that capture the essences of larger personal histories--lives made up of motherhood, writing, love friendships, and everything in between." The individual pieces within the book only take one sentence to summarize, but as a whole they function on a deeper, more literal level, actively depicting the process and pieces of remembering: "Rather than getting ensconced in the heavy drape of narrative, these short flares of memory allow the reader to enter Sheehan's memories as they are in her mind--a jumble of moments, people, objects, and sounds as they exist before analysis and ordering." Click here to read the full review. To order Jewelry Box, visit our online bookstore.

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  • Le pas du sonnet.

    Le ciel limpide
    est comme
    la chanson
    qui décrit
    la lumière
    d’un oiseau

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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