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Sneak Peeks- Upcoming from BOA in Fall 2011

Read all of this season's offerings already?  Thumbed the pages of your most recent volume of poetry ragged?  Can't wait to see what BOA comes out with next? How about these three? three new from BOA Kingdom Animalia, Aracelis Girmay's second book of poetry, comes from some combination of several wonderful places, much as Girmay herself does. "In gorgeously clear and honest language, [she] explores the human geography of time and origin.... Kingdom Animalia enters the exquisite beauty of being alive and its sister, the terrible ache of loss. Here is a cosmic dialogue between the body and a universe," writes reviewer Ruth Irupé Sanabria. Girmay's poems do focus often on animals, but it is the animal in the human, and, perhaps, the human in the animal, which captures and captivates, here. Celebrated poet Naomi Shihab Nye's work speaks for itself as worthy of attention; a four-time Pushcart Prize winner, a recipient of the Lannan Fellowship as well as fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the Witter Bynner Memorial or the Library of Congress, and the author of several notable collections, Nye is a seasoned BOA writer and has seen her work published in a myriad of magazines and formats. Now, with Transfer, she presents again a worthy and prestigious volume of work, and one which will easily leave you speechless. Michael Waters' Gospel Night, his tenth book of poetry and his fifth with us, brings a finely-tuned craft under the sure hand of a master craftsman. Waters' poetry is both transcendent and peculiarly particular, individual, and his unique way of slipping from one world seamlessly into the next is sure to make you forget precisely how long it's been since you sat down to read. His subjects turn from the eccentricities of American idioms to the depths and layers of simple, earnest movements, now coming close, now moving distant, to the very nature of ourselves and our relations with our world and others. So, want to get started in on reading them? Well, no, you can't have them quite yet. You can, however, pre-order them from our bookstore and on Amazon, along with other, yet-as-to-be-revealed members of our Fall 2011 lineup. Make sure and check back for more news on these exciting upcoming additions to BOA's catalog. Kingdom Animalia is available here, Transfer here, and Gospel Night from here.


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