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Another glowing review for Nikola Madzirov

Rattle gave Nikola Madzirov's collection of poetry, Remnants of Another Age, an outstanding review.  Published by BOA Editions, this collection was described as "intriguing," "fresh," and "clever."  The review goes into great depth to praise the voice and nature of history in Madzirov's collection.

According to Rattle, Madzirov uses a speaker that conveys much by presenting issues that are "shown to the reader rather than described."  The voice of the poems' speaker is unique and refreshing as it creates an air of privacy.  The reader becomes a witness as he or she is placed outside the "you" and "we"s of the poetry.  Rather than speaking for the reader, Madzirov invites the reader to watch the scenes he creates. The theme of "outsiderness" is very present in Madzirov's collection.  This theme transforms "just those mundane things that the histories of the world ignore" into "what constitutes life."  Ordinary, everyday things are turned, through Madzirov's poetry, into things with great emotional ties and value.  In this way, Madzirov creates a voice that speaks with "freshness and power" for the displaced, overlooked, and wandering. For the full review, follow the link here. [caption id="attachment_1363" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Remnants of Another Age, by Nikola Madzirov. BOA author."]Remnants of Another Age, by Nikola Madzirov. BOA author.[/caption]
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