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"Considerations of Gender" Analyzed in Nin Andrews' Poetry

Nin Andrews1 Karen Schubert  recently published an essay to Gently Read Literature's online blog of essays and criticism of poetry and literary fiction on Nin Andrews' books of poetry.  The essay is entitled " 'Everything Stuck to Her Skin': Considerations of Gender in the Poetry of Nin Andrews" and it focuses on and highlights Andrews' attention to female place in culture. "Andrews writes as an insider;" Schubert says, "that is, she writes through the female body, through the persona of a girl evaluating cultural messages, and through a woman in relationship as daughter, mother, lover, wife."  Schubert explores the "broader female themes" conveyed in Andrews' work, including "relationship, work, humor and meaning." The essay draws on specific poems and the themes within, ranging from Andrews' focus on sex in  poems like "Bathing in Your Brother's Bathwater" and "Pants" to the "gender role instruction kids grew up with in the 50s and 60s," represented by Andrews' book Midlife Crisis with Dick and Jane.  Schubert comments on much else besides this, and the rest of her analysis of gender in Andrews' poetry can be read here.
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