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Beaumont's Burning of the Three Fires a hit with Coal Hill Review

Burning of the three fires book photo Jeanne Beaumont's Burning of the Three Fires recently earned respectable praise, courtesy of Coal Hill Review. Her poems are called curious for a few reasons: "First, Beaumont is alert to various and sometimes obscure aspects of the world: arcane information from Wikipedia, art, etymologies, fairy tales told slant, slasher movies, magician's tricks.  Then, the poems are curious in the older sense: subtly, carefully, and skillfully worked." The reviewer seems particularly fond of Beaumont's subtlety, of her ability to manipulate the tone "with such a light touch," which left the reviewer feeling "the kind of twist someone can give when she has you in her grasp--as kids we used to call it an "Indian burn." Finally, the reviewer commends Beaumont for her ability to "[make] the strange familiar and the familiar strange," which is done particularly well when Beaumont "picks up the dull language of everyday and sets it alight." Read all the other great things this review has to say about Burning of the Three Fires here.
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