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Exactness with Ales Steger

In an interview with 3AM MagazineAles Steger, called "simply one of the most enjoyable poets to read in Europe right now," answers questions about his poetic style, his influences, and his titles.  Steger has published 4 books of poetry in the past 15 years, his most recent being The Book of Things. When asked about his style, which is called distinct and exact, Steger responds, "There are different kinds of exactness and different goals that could be acheived through attempts at precision.  Although rational, my poetry is not preoccupied with highlighting exact logical procedures.  Rather, it aims at throwing light at dark corners, gaps, broken meanings, abysses between ideas, words, showing the failure of speech, the wreckage of language."    Steger also discusses the way he uses humor to address dark concepts and the ability of a poem to "stir certain emotions and prejudices, and punctuate certain neuralgic spots." Read the full interview here 3AM Magazine [caption id="attachment_998" align="alignleft" width="157" caption="BOA poet Ales Steger. Photo by Joze Suhadolnik."]BOA poet Ales Steger. Photo by Joze Suhadolnik.[/caption]
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