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Watch FuturPointe Dance Perform Li-Young Lee

Let it be known that on Friday, December 3rd, FuturPointe Dance came to BOA's holiday gala and rocked the house. See for yourself! This is a video of the dance they choreographed as an interpretation of the poem"The City in Which I Love You" by Li-Young Lee. Keep in mind, they're performing in a small hallway outside the BOA office and basically no one watching even knew this was about to happen. Talk about a nice surprise! The featured dancers are: N'jelle Gage, William Knighten, Melinda Phillips, Heather Roffe, and Guy Thorne. The art projection you see in the background was done by Guy Thorne For more about FuturPointe visit: Watch the video here: [FuturPointe Dance at BOA Editions]  [caption id="attachment_1145" align="aligncenter" width="130" caption="FuturPointe Dance at BOA Editions"]FuturPointe Dance at BOA Editions[/caption]
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