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"these poems are downright sexy"

[caption id="attachment_998" align="aligncenter" width="157" caption="BOA poet Ales Steger. Photo by Joze Suhadolnik."]BOA poet Ales Steger. Photo by Joze Suhadolnik.[/caption] Guernica's poetry editor Erica Wright reviews The Book of Things and reveals that she's been "impatiently waiting for this collection" since January of last year!  Here's an excerpt from the review: "Henry has brought these poems to life for those of us not lucky enough to read Slovenian. Some of Henry’s translations are impressive for sheer acrobatics. “Mint” begins with the line “Mintafiction, minthane, mintabolism,” and the work of the translator can be both seen and appreciated. The translation continues with “There the smell of mint grows out of bone, / Out of a neighbor’s thumb and a stranger’s shin.” With the off-rhyme “shin,” Henry creates a subtle music. In other poems, the fireworks conceal the inner workings. These poems end explosively as in “Bread”: “Yes, yes, he loves you, that is why he accepts your knife. / He knows that all his wounds crumble in your hands.” I am reluctant to use sex to push poetry, but these poems are downright sexy." Read the complete review here [Guernica Review of The Book of Things]
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