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The Daughters of Discordia

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The Daughters of Discordia

By: Suzanne Owens

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About This Title

In this fascinating and disturbing first book, Suzanne Owens gives poetic voice to some of the most infamous, wayward and criminal women in history. Named for the goddess Discordia, whom Zeus expelled from heaven, the collection includes monologues from such famous daughters as Ma Barker and Cattle Kate as well as the stories of lesser-known but no less notorious women. Truly a rogue's gallery in verse of some of history's most infamous women.


                    The lynching of Ella Watson, known as Cattle Kate,
                    in 1889 triggered the Johnson County war between
                    the powerful Wyoming Stock Growers Association
                    and the small independent ranchers.

I was just another cattle rustler, hell
with a six-gun, queen of branding iron
and lariat.They called me the devil
in the saddle,a terror astride a bronc,

the best little whore in Johnson County.
From the outlaw's hideout, Hole-in-the-Wall,
they'd drive a stolen heifer over
to my ranch and trade it for a little ass. Vigilantes

danced in the hall, the king of rustlers
played his fiddle. My herd increased.
I applaud the ones who apply
their own brand. Life is nothing

but a pilfered animal. I took whatever
came my way: a paire of fancy horses,
a silver-studded saddle. We're here no longe
r than the time it takes to hear a six-gun barking,

the groan of a hollow barn, the flap
of bleached slats swinging in the storm. So,
noose my neck to the cottonwood branch.
Watch my knickers kick the air.

A few maverick cattle wind up
in everyone's corral. Some kind of lariat
is finally tossed.  We're all driven
to the railhead for shipment.  

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Publishing Date: 2000