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Shattering Air - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Shattering Air

By: David Biespiel

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The poetry of David Biespiel is lyrical and sensual, celebrating the physical facts and pleasures of this world. Many of these poems find their focus in the rural Southwest of Oklahoma and Texas where Biespiel grew up, and on the beaches and coasts of the Pacific Northwest where the author now lives. Bayous and lilacs, sanderlings and willows, and young lovers on a diving platform at 3 a.m., become, in Shattering Air, emblems for the correspondence between the natural world and the human spirit. This is David Biespiel's first poetry collection.

 This is a first edition, first printing. Book Condition: Fine. This copy has been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd., since its publication. Unread. Ideal collector's copy. Actual cover design may vary.

Praise for the collection

"The imagination in David Biespiel's Shattering Air is as luminous as the hear is generous."—Stanley Plumly

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