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Yannis Ritsos: Selected Poems

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Yannis Ritsos: Selected Poems

By: Yannis Ritsos

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About This Title

Yannis Ritsos is one of Greece's most prolific, distinguished and celebrated poets whose many honors include the Alfred de Vigny Award (France, 1975) and the Lenin Prize (U.S.S.R., 1977).  Yannis Ritsos: Selected Poems 1938-1988 features more than 440 poems from 43 of Ritsos' short and long poems by the editors, an index of 117 of Ritsos' books of poetry, translation, fiction, essays and drama, and more than 25 illustrations based on Yannis Ritsos' celebrated paintings on rocks.  The work of 17 translators, Yannis Ritsos: Selected Poems 1938-1988 is a monumental volume that generously represents 50 years of this gigantic poet's work.


Clouds on the mountains. Who is to blame? What is to blame? Silent, tired,
he looks ahead, turns back, walks on, stoops.
The stones are below, the birds are above. A pitcher
on the windowsill. Thorns in the fields. Hands in his pockets.
Pretenses, pretenses. The poem is slow in coming. Emptiness.
The word is marked by what it must pass over in silence.

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Paperback ISBN: 1-880238-45-4
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Publishing Date: January 1989