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Seeing It Was So

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Seeing It Was So

By: Anthony Piccione

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About This Title

Many poets use what we could call public imagery--city lots, wrecked cars, broken people--and so elaborate the common world.  A few poets write brief, elusive brush-stroke poems--from inside--that public people cannot follow.  Anthony Piccione decided to take the second road.

Sitting Up in Bed

Something cold has thrown me from sleep.
Upstairs, the children drift on their sides of stars.

I know this vigil, I'll stare at the dark,
night may weaken and drop all its stones.

Death still weaves a shawl for my shoulders.
It is soft and so I draw it closer.

Sunrise.  At last the birds can take their shapes.
Now a man whistles, feeling for shoes with his feet.

Available editions:
Cloth ISBN: 0-918526-50-7
Price: $18.00
Publishing Date: January 1986
Paperback ISBN: 0-918526-51-5
Price: $10.00
Publishing Date: January 1986