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Probable Lives

By: Aaron Zaritzky Felipe Benítez Reyes

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About This Title

The writing of Felipe Benítez Reyes, a significant contributor to the Spanish Postmodern esthetic, speaks to issues of voice, persona, and the possibilities of fiction. Probable Lives won the 1996 National Book Award in Spain, the 1996 National Critics' Award in Spain, and the City of Melilla International Prize. A book of heteronyms, the character-poets in Probable Lives read as forgotten or unknown 20th Century authors, all "rediscovered" and compiled by an anthologist who is also the creation of Reyes. Probable Lives tweaks the notion of identity in ways that are both engaging and downright funny.

Girl and the Old Man

by Ángel Ruiz del Valle    

                    After a painting by Agustín Ubeda

A Greek gentleman, in mourning, and a lady.
Sinning, he looks at her. The play of mirrors
makes him think there are other naked
ladies, in the bed, flirting with him.

In front of the old bed with gaudy bedspread
the inquisitive hidalgo, dying,
examines, measures the manola,
his beautiful constant, pinkish and fair.

The pubis, a miniature curly fan,
enchants him. (She stares at the ceiling,
fearing she’s late for her date with the priest)

At last the gentleman, his honor wounded,
crashes into bed with impossible ardor.
The beauty sighs, putting out the candle.

English Translation by Aaron Zaritzky

© BOA Editions, Ltd 2006

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