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Nobody Lives on Arthur Godfrey Boulevard - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Nobody Lives on Arthur Godfrey Boulevard

By: Gerald Costanzo

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About This Title

Hardcover, paperback, and signed copies available in limited quantities

This is a first edition, first printing. Book Condition: Fine. This copy has been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd., since its publication. Unread. Ideal collector's copy. Actual cover design may vary.

Praise for the collection 

"For twenty years I have enjoyed the high intelligence and marvelous, civilized wit of Gerald Costanzo's poems.  These new poems are his best yet, sharper and more highly skilled, the products of a poet who has devoted his life to the thing he loves." —Paul Zimmer

"This is truly poetry in the American grain. Costanzo looks unflinchingly at our totems, artifacts and folkways, and sets them down just as they are, with a deadly but affectionate irony."—Carolyn Kizer

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