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Flowers of Evil and Paris Spleen - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Flowers of Evil and Paris Spleen

By: Charles Baudelaire William Crosby

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About This Title

"I am moved by these translations, by mastery of both languages, plus the total absorption of the spirit of Baudelaire. Dr. Crosby. . . preserves the passion and verbal power of Baudelaire, the voice and rhythm of the verse. I recognize Baudelaire's voice in these translations." —Anna Balakian, Professor of Comparitive Literature, NYU, and author of The Symbolist Movement

Far, Far From Here

Here is a house that's doubly blessed
Where dwells a girl, much overdressed,
Tranquil yet ready as the best.

With one small hand she fans her breast,
An elbow in her cushions pressed;
Her fountains weep without a rest.

This now is Dorothea's suite.
—Far off a falls or breeze complains:
The sobbings of their songs compete
To soothe this pampered little cheat.

From high and low, by greatest pains,
Her tender skin is made replete
With salves and scents and lovely stains.
—A flower in its nook repines.

© BOA Editions, Ltd 1991

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Cloth ISBN: 0-918526-87-6
Price: $23.95
Publishing Date: December 1991