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Eggs in the Lake - BOA Editions, Ltd.

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Eggs in the Lake

By: Daniela Gioseffi

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About This Title

Hardcover and paperback copies available in limited quantities

This is a first printing of the first edition. Cloth and paperback copies have been archived at BOA Editions, Ltd. since publication and are in fine condition with minimal shelf wearing. Unread. Ideal collector's copy. Actual cover design may vary.

Praise for the collection

"At her best Daniela Gioseffi is sensuous and fascinatingly obsessed with her body. She is so sincere in her involvement that one must pay attention. Her sensuous language transcends ideas and leaves me thinking, 'Yes, yes, follow your body.' This seems to me the promise of future poems." —Diane Wakoski

"I find Daniela Gioseffi's poems imaginatively rich, startling, intelligent . . . and eloquent in a manner relevant to one of the most profound issues of our time: the relationship of the masculine and feminine principles inside the self and society. A feminist writer who celebrates what it is to be a woman, Ms. Gioseffi is also genuinely a poet whose work comes from the part of the personality that gives, shares and creates bonds rather than from the part that is divisive and militant." —John Logan

"Animated, voluptuous . . . Gioseffi's writing is fast, funny, feminist; her style is poetic and mythopoeic . . . " —Mary A. Pradt, The Library Journal

"Filled with energy, humor and good spirits . . . irresistible." —Larry McMurty, The Washington Post

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