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Day Has No Equal But Night

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Day Has No Equal But Night

By: Anne Hebert

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About This Title

Day Has No Equal But Night is the first book of new poems in 20 years by the most renowned French Canadian poet of the 20th century. Anne Hébert's poems reflect her apocalyptic vision of the death of love as well as the death of the planet. She offers lyrics that germinate from a surreal, socio-political landscape on the cusp of the millennium.

Tiny Little Pains

Tiny little pains
Ordinary ones
Strewn on the meadow at noon

Children's tears
Laid out to dry on the green grass

Melt in the sun
Rise to heaven
They're so light and transparent

They mingle with clouds
Leaving no visible trace or complaint
In the pure air.

© BOA Editions , Ltd 1994

Available editions:
Paper ISBN: 9781880238059
Price: $12.50
Publishing Date: January 1994